Our Story

January Jane & Co. began at the kitchen table during an extra long nap time (like so many good projects do).  I started creating bows to accessories with my firstborns wardrobe and decided to make a few extra to see how things went. After all but selling out of the stock I had created the first day I decided maybe there was something more to this.  Maybe I could make these accessories for my mom friends, and their friends, and so on.  I set to work on creating a website, rebuilding my stock, and getting the word out. 

But in truth, the seed was planted long before that gloriously long nap ever took place. The first time I held Nora is a blur. I had been laboring and pushing and working so hard to get her here safely and I WAS TIRED. I went through the checklist of holding her, taking our first family photo, trying to nurse for the first time, introducing her to family, and on and on. It was a whirlwind of events I just couldn't quite process,. It wasn't until a little later, after they had taken her to get cleaned up and make sure she was regulating her body temperature well, when they rolled her freshly cleaned little body back to our room and left her beside me. That's when it hit me. She was mine, and would forever be my responsibility. The thought was equal parts thrilling and alarming. I picked her tiny body up out of that little clear bassinet and looked at her tiny features. She just looked like any ole baby in any ole picture I had seen a million times before but now it was time to "make her mine". I'll never forget the feeling of putting the sweet outfit we had picked for her first day of life on her, or slipping the heirloom ring that I had worn as a new baby on her finger, and FINALLY putting that first sweet hair bow on her head. Suddenly she wasn't a stranger anymore. For the first time I saw her for all her beautiful intricacies. The surprising and lovely dimples on her cheeks, the sweet little blue vein on the right side of the bridge of her nose, the way she furrowed her brow constantly. 
I don't know what exactly it was that helped me to REALLY see her, what helped me get to know this sweet girl, what made the whirlwind stop. But I will never forget the moment I slipped that first little headband on her head. It's my hope that these sweet newborn sets will do the same for lots of other mamas all over. Maybe, just maybe these bows will make the whirlwind stop for you so that you can just see that precious new girl for exactly who she is.

Who is January Jane?

No one at all, and yet SO many people.
January- The Month I married the love of my life, as well as the month I made my first bow.
Jane- My oldest daughters middle name, meaning "gift from God" and thats truly what all of my talents are.  Everything I do during my time here on earth I want it to point back to him.  
As for the "Co."- thats you, and my unborn children, and my husband who loves and supports me so well.  My family who is always pushing me and the friends who believe in this adventure and what it can be.  I'm thankful and gracious to every person who orders, says a prayer, shares something on social media, or leaves a word of encouragement.  You guys ROCK.

who are you?

Hey there, I’m Morgan. Most days you can find me at the park chasing my 16 month old or working hard in my own creative space.   I am mostly known for throwing our close friends annual friendsgiving dinner, drinking way too much Dr. Pepper, wanting Taco Bell for every meal, and drinking iced coffee even in the dead of winter.  Those who love me well call me wife, mama, or friend.   I love serving other Mama's by uplifting and encouraging them to utilize the gifts they have been given.   The things I am most passionate about in life are cultivating a life of thankfulness, empowering mamas to chase after their dreams, and spending as much QUALITY time with my family as I possibly can.  It's my deepest hope that everything I do points to those things.

 I create beautiful bows for babies and toddlers.  It is my hope that every bow that leaves our doorstep is heirloom quality and capable of serving each family or baby for years to come.  One of my favorite aspects of having girls of my own is the sheer number of things that my mom and grandmother held onto of mine.  My firstborn has worn the same dress that I one wore for her dedication, moments after her birth I slipped the same ring that was given to me as a newborn onto her finger, and now she sleeps on my very own monogramed pillow every single night.  There's just nothing like seeing your baby wearing what you once wore.  I hope that the bows I create will give each generation, or even each sibling as much joy as I have experienced in passing things down from myself to my babies, and now between siblings.

When I’m not busy working on bows you can catch me entertaining guests in our home, scrolling Instagram like its my job, DIY-ing almost everything I could possibly try, and working on home improvement projects for this little old house of ours.  I love hand lettering and I'm dying to get into watercolors though I'm pretty certain I'll be terrible at it.  You can find me at the nearest Taco Bell every #tacotuesday and probably at least three other days in between.  I LOVE motherhood, I LOVE taking care of my family and every day I'm doing whatever I can to be better at that.

If you're dying to know more here are 3 things you may not know about me:
+   I thought I NEVER wanted kids growing up.  I was even pretty adamant when I met Wes in telling him that I would under no circumstances ever be having any kids of his.  5 years later I was singing a different tune.  Now I couldn't imagine life without experiencing the gift of motherhood.
+   My husband (Wes) proposed to me on the River Court in Wilmington NC.  It's since been demolished [seriously, so sad] but for any true One Tree Hill fans out there you'll totally appreciate the sentiment behind it.
+   I "re-met" my Dad for the first time in a LONG time when I was 17 years old.  We now have an amazing relationship that I cherish deeply not only with him but also with my Step-mom and sisters.  They live in Georgia and LOVE my babies so well.  I'll always wish they lived closer so we could see them much more than we get to

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